Monday, September 23, 2013

Busy, busy, busy....

I did a little housecleaning on the site. Hopefully you should find it easier to read on iPhones. Additionally, I added a page on packing for vacation. I started my Provence page, but there is so much I want to put in there, it's going to take some time to finish and it was a hectic weekend full of lots of friend-time!

I feel so lucky to have such great friends from so many chapters of my life...this weekend was a smorgasbord of friendship!

I spent Friday with the daughter of a close friend, having lunch, running errands and baking french macarons together. Its so special to be able to watch a friend's child grow up... to see them transform from cute, cuddly kids to self confident, interesting adults is amazing!

Saturday, I spent several hours walking, talking, and shopping my way through West Chester with a friend I've known since my oldest son went to preschool. Though the boys have gone their own ways, we've stayed close friends, sharing experiences as the boys have grown and  parents have aged and passed on.

Then Sunday and today were the days of college friends. Friends we've known for over 30 years...longer than our own children. Though we see each other sporadically, we pick up where we left off, remembering all our misadventures in college but now through the lens of parents seeing our kids starting college...worrying that they will enjoy it as much as we did!

It's funny, a common thread through all of the people I spent time with this weekend is that I've traveled on vacations with nearly all of them. Shared vacations can make or break a friendship. You really get to know someone when it rains for 3 days in a row! I've been fortunate in that all my friendships have survived!

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