Sunday, September 15, 2013

Starting off...a blogging newbie

I've entered a new phase of my life..Chapter 4, I call it. Chapter 1 being childhood, 2 was my life as a young adult and early married life, 3 was the years taking care of my kids and now 4 as an empty nester. I've worked through most of chapters 2 through 4, with some time off while the kids were in elementary school and middle school, but now find myself temporarily (I hope) between consulting contracts while my youngest just left for college. Though I of course miss my kids (one at the University of Pittsburgh, one in China), I am also enjoying my less encumbered life! My husband and I are reverting to our more social lifestyle that we had "pre-kids" and loving our uninterupted life together.

One of the items on the my list of things I've never gotten around to was to start a blog. I'm a fanatic foodie and totally addicted to travel, both of which I blame my recently departed mother for. She was a fantastic cook who used food to express her love. In addition, thanks to my father's job, we moved to Asia in the late 60's and lived in Tokyo and Korea. As a result of growing up overseas, I've always loved traveling. Even with the inconveniences and lack of glamour in 21st century travel, I still get a thrill when I arrive at the airport! When we had kids, I was determined that we would start traveling internationally with them when the youngest turned eight and we have done this and created wonderful memories and world-broadening experiences for all of us.

As a result of both passions, I spend a lot of time cooking, exploring restaurants, and planning (and executing) trips. A lot of friends ask for my recommendations and advice on both local restaurants (in the Philadelphia and West Chester, PA area) as well as on trips to Europe. Besides trips throughout the States and this hemisphere, most of my travel over the past 20 years has been to Europe: France, the UK, Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Austria, Greece and Spain.

I have to make a confession here....I am a francophile! I can't help it but France remains my favorite country to visit. I've never had a bad experience with the people (in fact find them some of the most charming), love the food, the culture and the diversity of all the various regions.

Anyways, my goal in this blog is to write about the restaurants I like, the places I've been (with recommendations on accommodations, restaurants, guides etc) and maybe throw in a recipe or two for good measure.

I've started with a page on Italy, since that was our most recent trip and a friend has asked for help planning a trip. So I figured now's the time to start! If you have recommendations of your own to add, or want to comment on mine, feel free!

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  1. Looking forward to this as it progresses! Salivating already :) RD