Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why am I awake at 2:39am?

I'm not questioning why I woke up in the middle of the night...that happens with annoying regularity, being a woman of a "certain" age. But usually I wake up around 4am, look at the clock and when I'm lucky I roll over and fall back asleep.

But last night I woke up earlier, so of course I started obsessing:
Why did I wake up at this time?
Was it the dark chocolate Wilbur bud I had at 9:05pm ?(just bought 5 pounds online for my husband...why buy one pound and pay more in shipping than the chocolate cost? But I digress)
Was it the wonderful walk I had at 3pm enjoying the glorious fall day? (I usually exercise in the morning).

Of course, once I started thinking then I was rolling over now. Next the worries start:
Is my youngest having TOO much fun in college?
Will my oldest blow up his new apartment in China with his giant toaster oven as he attempts to bake cookies for his Chinese friends?
What else should I write about in the blog?
Shouldn't I be moving on to the next lecture in my Networking class on Coursera?
Did I remember to practice my Hiragana today (teaching myself Japanese from an iPad course)?
Will I get another consulting contract?

Finally, I try to settle my brain, listen to the night sounds:
The distant flow of truck traffic on the highway a few miles off
My husband's steady breathing...I start to drift off...

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