Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Chocolate a recipe

The best chocolate I've ever had comes from Eclat Chocolate in West Chester:  Chris Curtin makes the most delicious varieties of chocolate truffles and caramels, bar none (sorry for the pun!) The chocolate caramels are a near sensual experience: you have to take it in one bite, as the liquid caramel center oozes into your mouth as your teeth pierce the chocolate shell. The truffles, such as lavendar and passion fruit, have such a "true" flavor and the champagne truffle is sublime. We are lucky in that we can give in to our cravings easily, since his shop is 10 minutes away. You may have to order online, but they are worth the wait!

For a more pedestrian, but still good chocolate flavor, my husband likes Wilbur buds: . These were actually created before Hershey's Kisses and are far superior. I ordered the 5 pound box for him (that's a LOT of buds!) but it seemed silly to only order 1 pound...the shipping cost would nearly exceed the product cost.

For a REALLY simple homemade chocolate treat, I am giving you the recipe for Chocolate covered cornflakes. I first had these in Japan. They packaged them in a snack box, similar to a Cracker Jack's box and I ate them all through elementary school. I could never find anything like them in the States, but when my own kids were in school, I saw a recipe on the back of the Kellogg Cornflakes box and made them. Wow! They tasted just like I remembered. They are completely addictive so make sure you share, as it makes a big batch and you could easily gobble them all up and want to kill yourself from the chocolate induced guilt afterwards.

Chocolate Covered Cornflakes:
1 package of semisweet chocolate bits
1 package of milk chocolate bits
1 package of butterscotch bits (don't leave these out!)
1 large box of Cornflakes (18oz)

Melt the 3 packages of bits in a large bowl in the microwave, stopping to stir relatively frequently.

Once the bits have melted, stir till thoroughly blended and then dump in the cornflakes and stir till the flakes are completely covered by the chocolate mixture.

Pour the chocolate covered flakes onto a jelly roll pan and using a piece of wax paper, mush them down so that they spread and fill the pan.

Let the chocolate flakes harden and then break them up into chunks and store in a plastic or tin container and eat at will!

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