Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cure: Best meal in a LONG time! In Pittsburgh...Lawrenceville to be more precise

We were in Pittsburgh this past weekend and wanted to take our son out to a special meal on Saturday night. Often when we stay in Pittsburgh, once we park our car, we walk everywhere as my brother lives in the downtown area and there are a wealth of good places to eat. But we'd heard that there were some interesting places opening up in Lawrenceville and decided to give Cure a try.

It was the best meal I've had in ages. It's been a long time since I have been blown away by a restaurant. Everything that the three of us had was out of this world. I ordered their gnochi appetizer that came with goat cheese and a ragu of beef, pork and goat. It was one of the best things I've ever tasted. The flavors melded together to create something exquisite! Then I had the duck confit with white beans, bacon and kale with a "slow-cooked" egg on the side. This was unbelievably delicious. The duck fell apart in the sauce as confit should and the egg was truly stupendous. I've never tasted an egg with such amazing flavor. My husband had the tuna crudo, and then the hanger steak, while my son had the beef tartare and the pasta with pork cheek. They both raved about everything they ate.

What makes a restaurant like this so special? Of course the food was absolutely first rate. But in addition, the atmosphere fit the cuisine...the emphasis was on the meats and the interior was rough-hewned, horizontal panels, with boars heads mounted on the wall. There was an open kitchen where there were at least five people working in this small space like a well choreographed dance troupe. And the servers were terrific; really informed and into the food, well versed in the wine selection, and very fun.

The restaurant is at the far end of Lawrenceville. We drove through a zombie festival  (it is October!) and the funky main street (Butler Street) to get there. You go past all of this until you start to think you may have gone too far (past the Allegheny cemetary). It's at the corner of Butler Street and 57th. Well worth the hike!

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