Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I'm making a list...

I have a confession to make...I'm an semi-obsessive list maker.

I make lists when I'm entertaining, starting with the menu, going to the shopping list and finally a fairly detailed task list of what to do when. It's almost like a project plan. My sister does this as well, but she is even more detailed than I am! I have a notebook with the menus and invitees to parties going back to 1997! It's kind of fun, seeing who was coming, what we had etc. And it can be useful...there are recipes I've forgotten and these old menus jog my memory. Plus it's fun to look back and remember the events. In 1997, Billy was 6 and Bobby 2! No wonder I had to make detailed lists.

Of course, I make holiday lists. What I'm buying everyone, when guests are arriving, what needs to be done on a daily basis.

I also make long lists when I'm planning a trip. Especially as it gets close to departure date. I obsess about all the details: how are we getting to and from the airports? do we need dinner reservations anywhere? what are the backup plans? did I call the credit card companies and bank to let them know we are traveling? is everything arranged with the house sitter? It goes on and on.

I discovered a few years ago that my oldest brother is similar in his list making...we actually make the same kind of notations: drawing a little square box next to each item that we check off when completed. Now, I don't see RD very often and he went to college when I was 3 or 4 and we haven't lived in the same city since then. But we still have this weird note taking habit. I don't remember my mom doing it, but maybe Dad did? It's not something I consciously remember. Very curious!

I do use my iPhone apps to create lists too, but I find it more satisfying to have them on paper. The physical sensation of checking off the item feels like more of an accomplishment and boy, do I feel great when the list is completed. Almost a feeling of nirvana...am I crazy or what? Perhaps just a tad OCD! Oh well, I'm off....I have a list of other things I need to accomplish today!

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