Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Let it snow...

Jasmine, our dog, seemed to know the snow was coming. She is a spry 11 and a half year old labradoodle and yesterday morning as the first of the flakes were falling, we went out to play. She frolicked like a puppy, teasing me with the frisbee, high stepping and pouncing around the yard keeping just beyond my reach.

I love a snow storm...the hushed, blanketed feel of the world, people settling in to nest for a day. Time seems suspended. This time I ventured out with my husband at the beginning of the storm. He had an appointment in West Chester and I had a couple of errands to run in town. First I stopped at the post office, dropping off a letter and figuring it would be empty so a good time to buy the forever stamps before the price goes up this weekend. Good plan, but it was no stamps on this day. As I left, an elderly man was ahead of me. A man entering the post office cautioned us about the slippery steps. Snow seems to melt personal barriers.

Next stop my local dry cleaner, Eunice; commiserated about the weather and then onto to Starbucks to sit, enjoy some tea and people/town watch. I sat at a seat in the window, listening to the murmur of others in the coffee shop, watching the snow pile up and people make their way carefully on the whitened sidewalks.You can judge the distance a person has walked by the accumulation of powder dusting their caps.

During the 2 hours in west chester 2 inches of snow blanketed the car. The usual 10 minute drive home took 30, cautiously avoiding the drivers who seem to have never learned how to drive in snow.

As the afternoon passed, the snow continues...we have to dig out a spot for Jasmine, our dog, to use in the yard. Then as dusk approaches, a return "guest" appears. For the past 2 years, we've had a 3 legged deer visit our yard. Now she takes shelter under one of our pines, helping herself to some of the branches of pine needles. 

Periodically we re-shovel the front walkway but leave the driveway for tomorrow. I message with Billy in Guangzhou...he is jealous as he misses snow and I miss him and Bobby...helping to shovel all this snow!

I ventured into the back around 10pm, looking at the tracks of animals that have crisscrossed our's so quiet, sounds muffled. 

As we lay in bed, the reflection off the snow glows through our blinds, like night lights outside the window. We snuggle under mounds of blankets and our winter wonderland.

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