Sunday, March 16, 2014

Returning to the Nest

This week Bobby returned home for spring break. It's his freshmen year and he is loving college. But he seemed ready to come home and nest for a week. He slept till noon, seemed to relish home made lunches and dinners, binged on "House of Cards", and confirmed his summer job.

I loved having him home...binging on the Netflix series with him (Wow! Season two is great!), making elaborate sandwiches and some ridiculously fattening dinners. The drama of high school has disappeared. He seems to actually enjoy his parents!

I loved being able to kiss his forehead at bedtime as I did when he was a small boy, this time with me being the one going to bed first. But the little, curly-haired boy who cried as soon as I dropped him off at daycare has been morphed into a six foot, handsome, confident young man...though I can't help but still see that little boy when I look at him.
I drove him back to school Saturday and having the 4 hours in the car together was a wonderful. The weather was beautiful, a blue sky with puffy clouds...the trees still bare but you could feel spring is not far away; not many trucks or traffic on the turnpike. We listened to a playlist he had put together that included Springsteen, Billy Joel, the Beatles, Van well as Adele, Maclamore and G Eazy...both of us singing away! It touches me that he includes music he knows I like. As we listened to Billy Joel, I remarked how strange it was that we were singing the songs that were popular MY freshmen year in college. We reminisced about various songs that we sang on different Dave always has us roll the windows down and stick our heads out as we sing Bruce's "...let the wind blow back your hair...". He talked about his roommates for next year and his fraternity and classes and how happy he is. As we approached school he directed me past the house he'll be in for next year, pointing out the best pizza places nearby. At his dorm, he introduced me to his friends that were there and let me see his room!

The trip was one of those moments of time that you want to wrap up and savor. A memory to treasure.

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