Tuesday, April 1, 2014

SPRINGING into action

Is spring finally here?

Is the mind numbing, cold, inescapable snow-filled winter gone for good?

I shouldn't complain since we missed 3 weeks of this frozen hell by visiting Asia over the winter holidays but still, I am sooo ready for spring. Ever since we returned from vacation, I've felt lackluster, uncreative and lazy! I'm not sure if it's a seasonal disorder or a lack of caffeine (I've cut back significantly).

I seemed to be spinning in circles: Do I get a formal Project Manager certification? Should I create a site in WordPress to expand my skills? I'll work on my French! I'll get back to my watercolor painting! Meanwhile a significant portion of my time has been spent reading books, and binging on House of Cards and BBC series. At least I have kept exercising...

I'm the type of person that needs to plan. Whether it's work, the next vacation, a project around the house...I need a list to cross accomplishments off of. Otherwise I spin like a top from one thing to another.

Today my spring fever really kicked in. Of course it might have helped that I started my morning with a matcha latte! All day I've been energized and feeling fabulous. It was relatively warm and sunny, the air smelled of green and possibilities, and all was right with the world.

So here's to spring...may the warmer temperatures and budding trees inspire me to "spring" into action...and maybe I should add a little caffeine back into my routine!

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